Valentin Roussel | Ph.D

INSPE académie de Lyon | Université de Lyon

S2HEP laboratory

Educational Sciences

My work is at the crossroads of 3 domains : pedagogy, didactics and cognitive psychology. My main research theme focuses on the notion of « mathematical model »: its epistemology, its teaching, the Inquiry-based learning and its institutional constraints, as well as the way in which it fits into the programs in view of the international curricular developments. I dedicate the second part of my work to the development of didactic engineerings and teaching methods in a way to practice critical thinking in mathematics classroom. Finally, I am conducting a parallel work of reflection on neuromyths and their pregnance among teachers.


As a mathematician, I dedicate a part of my academics activities to the popularization, the teaching, and the diffusion of the mathematical culture. Through the activities and engineerings that I develop, I try to make mathematics attractive, surprising and experimental. I dedicate an important part of my research work to the notion of model in mathematics, notably through a thorough epistemological analysis. At the same time, I am working on Bayesian statistics and their implications for science, the Bayesian inference and its contributions to research ethics, compared to frequentist statistics.

Computer Science

I completed my training as a mathematician by studying computer science. A significant part of my work revolves around information technology and communication for education. The teaching of algorithmics seems to me to be a fundamental objective for the societies of tomorrow. I work on the development of cellular automata, pedagogical web sites and patented applications. In particular, I devote a portion of my free time to developing a course to raise awareness of good coding practices. A part of my work is available in open-source on github.

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